Meet the World's First 'Robot CEO' appointed by a Chinese gaming company

A China-based gaming company Net dragoan Websoft, has appointed a robot as its Cheif Executive Officer (CEO)

Modelled after a female human, 'Ms. Tanh Yu' is an AI-powered virtual humanoid robot who has become the world's first robot to chair an executive position

Tang  Yu has been appointed as the CEO of the company's principal susidiary, Fujian Net Dragon Websoft

Tang Yu will be responsible for overseeing operations at the company, which has been valued at nearly $10 billion

Streamlining process flow Boosting speed of execution Improving the quality of work taks

The CEO will contirbute in the following Areas

The company will keep improving the algorithms underlying Tang Yu as it transitions to a metaverse-based working community in order

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“We believe AI is the future of corporate management and our appointment of Ms Tan yu represents our commitment to truly embrace the use of AI”