NASA just Successfully Launched Artemis 1


Nov 16, 2022

NASA has successfully launched its moon bound megarocket the space launch system, 

Artemis launch success 

the artemis 1 mission is the first step in nasa plan to return to the moon 

the rocket launched at 0648 utc wednesday 16 nov 2022 from nasa kennedy space center florida 

the mission will last 25 days 11 hours and 36 minutes. 

Artemis 1 sls is the most powerfull rocket nasa has ever launched. 

Nasa has two hour window which try to launch SLS booster so liftoff time accur 1:04 to 3:04 am 

NASA plans to launch artemis 2 into space using more powerful version of the space launch system rocket 

Artemis 3 scheduled for 2025 will to land the first first women. 

the artemis 4 mission will take astronaut to a mini lunar station called gatewy 

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