10 Roblox Facts You Didn't Know.


Nov 13, 2022

There are over 40 million games on Roblox every one of them built in a design program called Roblox Studio. 

There Are Over 40 Million Games!

It was awarded to the top 4 competitors in the Roblox Grand Melee Tournament

The Kleus Aphthiton is the rarest hat in Roblox!

There's a Roblox game called Dancing Parrots where all you can do is watch parrots dance.

Do You Know About The Dancing Parrots?

It doesn't sound like much fun to be honest, but it's played by millions of people!

One of the most popular games is called Natural Disasters!

Not surprising considering he is the founder and CEO!

David Baszucki is Robux rich!

In 2021 alone, Roblox paid out over $500 million to Roblox creator

Put this fact in for Roblox noobs. Surely everyone knows this! 

Roblox used to be called Dynabrick

There's a Roblox game where you can break out of prison